International Opportunities for DSES students

Chris Hughes, DSES Associate Head (Education), recently visited Universities in both Canada and USA to establish partnerships for student exchange and study abroad opportunities. Each institution was chosen due their differing size, location and exchange offering. SUNY Brockport is a relatively small college in upstate New York which had a friendly community feel. Brock Ontario is in the beautiful Niagara region; close to the USA border for students who wish to travel a little further afield.


Western Ontario has a very good academic standing and based within an attractive, traditional campus with a full range of facilities. Minnesota is a city-centre campus within the twin cities Minneapolis and St Pauls, one of the top ranked Universities in USA. Each exchange opportunity would offer something slightly different depending on the student’s preference. As you might imagine the sports facilities at both Canadian and USA Universities are extensive and of the very highest standard; something to be seen! All institutions offered a very warm welcome, signed the agreements and are keen to see the movement of students between their institutions and the University of Portsmouth.


Kate Gritsinina (BSc Sports Management with Business Communication, Level 6) undertook a work placement with Nelo Kayaks – the largest canoe manufacturer in the world, based in Portugal, as part of the Erasmus+ scheme last summer. During this two-month internship she was involved in event organisation, marketing and worked in a sponsorship management role. Kate said “This work placement with an international sports corporation allowed me to experience a new culture, explore the country, establish further career plans and to gain valuable experience within numerous managerial disciplines within sporting industry, which I also consider being as a major boost to my employment opportunities”.


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