GB Success for DSES Lecturer

Dr Heather Massey (who is also a member of Portsmouth and Northsea Swimming) teaches Environmental Physiology and one of her research interests investigates the effects of cold water exposure on the body. Recently she has enjoyed sporting success in firstly qualifying to represent Great Britain and then competing at the World Ice Swimming Championships held in Burghausen, Germany in January. The championships were held during the European cold snap which saw significant snow fall and cold conditions. She raced various distances from 50 m to 1 km in the lake in water temperatures of 2-3 o C with air temperatures between -5 and -14 o C. Gaining age group medals in the 200 m freestyle (1st place), 50 m Breaststroke (2nd place) and 1 km freestyle (3rd place). She has several longer open water swims planned for the summer and will be supporting two solos across the English Channel this year, as well as taking part in a channel relay herself. In her spare time, she can be found swimming along the beaches of Portsmouth in most weather and sea conditions!

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