SEES Partner Visits Department

The Petroleum Training Development Fund (PTDF) recently visited the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences from Nigeria. The PTDF aims to provide scholarships and bursaries, wholly or partially to Universities, colleges and institutions and their aim is to train Nigerians to qualify as graduates, professionals, technicians and craftsmen in the field of engineering, geology, science and management in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and abroad.


PTDF currently sponsor two of our students in SEES and we are working towards more. One of these students, Ibrahim Bashar is researching the different variations in geotechnical properties of soil and how it can be measured more accurately, more objectively and with greater efficiency. 


Ibrahim and the rest of the team at Portsmouth are aware of the great importance that PTDF places in making sure that PhD research can benefit PTDF activities, Nigerian science and the Nigerian Economy. The techniques that Ibrahim is pioneering will very soon be applied to the rapid, efficient and quantitative investigation of Nigerian soils using land-based, done-based or satellite VNIR instruments. The ability to rapidly and remotely determine how a soil will behave during construction or over the lifetime of infrastructure such as roads or pipelines will reduce construction and operational costs and reduce design uncertainty. We also hope that the partnership between PTDF and the University of Portsmouth will result in the development of new instruments for ground investigation, contaminated land assessment and monitoring programmes. 


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