New Publications From the Faculty

Below are some publications that have recently come from the faculty. See the Pure Research Portal for more publications.


Chris Wagstaff, Richard Thelwell and Neil Weston
Chris Wagstaff, Richard Thelwell and Neil Weston

DSES Academics Publish Textbooks

Three more books have been published from academics in the Department of Sport and Exercise Science following the publication of Professor Mike Tipton’s book ‘The Science of Beach Life Guarding’ and Dr Andrew Scott’s book ‘Clinical Exercise Science‘.


Dr Neil Weston’s ‘Sport and Exercise Psychology: Practitioner Case Studies’, uses theory-based case studies for sport performance, exercise and skill acquisition to examine the most current issues in the field.


Dr Chris Wagstaff’s book ‘The Organizational Psychology of Sport: Key Issues and Practical Applications,’ examine how organizational psychology can be used to understand and improve performance in elite sport.


Finally, Dr Richard Thelwell has co-edited ‘The Psychology of Sports Coaching: Research and Practice’ which reviews of current research in the psychology of sports coaching. All are available in all good bookshops!


New Publications from Joanne Brindley in Dental Academy

Joanne Brindley is a Senior DCP Teaching Fellow in the Dental Academy. Joanne's research interests focus on Reflective PracticeAccuracy of student self-perception in clinical and academic attainment, Cognitive acuity, Personal development planning  and Mentorship and self compassion.


Joanne has had the following articles published in the 'British Dental Journal':

  • Brindley, J. (2016) The benefits of mentorship for the dental team. British Dental Journal Team, (3), 25-27.
  • Brindley, J. (2016) Reflection on Fitness to Practise. British Dental Journal, 221(8), 495-498.
  • Brindley, J. (2016) Learning to be kind to yourself. British Dental Journal Team, (3), 25-26.

These articles help readers prepare for their continued professional development, outlining the positives of mentorship and supporting one another in the work place and the role of reflection in continuing education.


New Publications from the Psychology Department

  • Kelly T., Reby D., Levrero F., Keenan S., Gustafsson E., Koutseff A., & Mathevon N. (in press). Adult human perception of distress in the cries of bonobo, chimpanzee and human infants. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.
  • Jingree, T. (in press). Using Critical Discursive Psychology to Examine Carer Discourses about Facilitating Independence for People with Learning Disabilities in UK Services. SAGE Research Methods Cases-Health.


  • Hatzinikolaou, K., ..., Reddy, V. (2016). Using the Parent-Infant Relationship Global Assessment Scale (PIR-GAS) to identify caregiver – infant/toddler dyads with abusive relationship patterns in six European countries. Infant Mental Health Journal, 37 (4), 335-355.
  • Alessandra Fasulo and Marco Pino ( University of Loughborough) edited (and wrote the introduction of) the special issue 'Sharing knowledge and shaping identities in healthcare interactions', Patient Education and Counseling (PEC), 2016, 99, 6

In the special issue Alessandra Fasulo, Joerg Zinken & Katarzina Zinken published the paper "Asking ‘What about’ questions in chronic illness self-management meetings" PEC 99, 6, 917-925

  • Fasulo A., Sterponi L. (2016, in press) Understanding children’s mental health Conditions in their interactional environment: Conversation analysis and autism. Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology, 23, 4, 1-18.
  • Mireault, G., & Reddy, V. (in press). Humour Development. Springer Briefs.
  •  Brinck, I., Reddy, V., & Zahavi, D. (in press). The primacy of the 'we'? In C. Durt (ed.) Embodiment, Enaction and Culture. Boston: MIT Press.

Publications from Geography


The Department of Geography have a number of accepted and published publications as well as submitted books and chapters.


Download their latest newsletter to view them and more news from the department:

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