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Dr Vincenzo Tamma is a new academic to the University and has joined the School of Earth and Environmental Science as a Senior Lecturer in Physics. Vincenzo tells us a bit about himself to give you the opportunity to learn more about one of our new academic staff members:


What is your background?


I obtained my Laurea (Master) in Physics at the University of Bari (Italy) in 2006, earning the BNC Research Award for my thesis research. The International Cooperation Program Award issued by the Italian Ministry of Research then allowed me to complete a joint Ph.D. in Applied Physics in 2010 at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, U.S. and in Physics at the University of Bari.

My research was recognized with the “Giampietro Puppi Award” for the best Ph.D. thesis in Physics and Astrophysics in Italy in the academic years 2007-2009. After a one-year postdoctoral fellowship issued by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, I started to work in 2011 as a research scientist (group leader and lecturer) at the Institute of Quantum Physics at Ulm University, Germany. In the summer of 2016, I was pleased to accept the offer from the University of Portsmouth as a senior lecturer in Physics. I am excited at the opportunity to build a research network in quantum technologies based in Portsmouth in collaboration with leading international universities and companies.


What is your research about? 


My research aims at achieving a deeper understanding of the fundamental physics of nature at the interplay between quantum mechanics, atomic physics and general relativity, as well as at boosting the real-world implementation of quantum-enhanced technologies for applications in ultra-fast computation, secure communication, simulation of complex physical systems, high-precision sensing and biomedical imaging.


What areas/courses does your teaching cover?


Over the past ten years, I have been teaching postgraduate classes in Quantum Information, Quantum Optics and Mathematical Methods in Physics, as well as undergraduate laboratories and introductory physics.


What new experiences have you had in Portsmouth?


I was delighted to already experience in our department and university a very friendly and productive environment with motivated faculty members ready to work as a team for the benefit of the overall university and our students.


Where would you like to see yourself in the mid- to long-term? 


I would like to build on my successes and to enhance further my activities in research, academic leadership and citizenship, supporting and leveraging key objectives of the new University Strategy. In particular, I aim in my future career to serve as a professor to establish an international leading role for the University of Portsmouth in the areas of quantum optics and quantum technologies.


What do you like to do in your spare time?


I enjoy spending time with my wife and my little boy, travelling with them, playing football, hiking and reading books on interdisciplinary topics.

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    These are the questions that comes in every student mind and thank you for clarify about it. Education is the need of everyone and no nation can get towards prosperity without it.